Amphibians are cold-blooded animals that usually split their time between using their lungs on land and breathing with gills underwater. Learn about the three groups of amphibians which include frogs and toads, newts and salamanders and caecilians.

Tree Frog

Tree Frog, or Tree Toad is any of several kinds of climbing frogs or toads. Most live in trees, but some inhabit smaller plants is and a few species are ground-dwellers.

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  • Are there really hallucinogenic frogs?

    Are there really hallucinogenic frogs?

    What would happen if a fairytale princess licked a toad instead of kissing it in order to find her prince charming? Trippy hallucinations might await her instead of wedded bliss. See more »

  • Do toads cause warts?

    Do toads cause warts?

    Do toads cause warts? The wart-like bumps protruding from their backs may give some that impression, but nothing could be further from the truth. See more »

  • How can salamanders regrow body parts?

    How can salamanders regrow body parts?

    If a salamander gets in a scrape, it can drop its tail, scurry off and return to business as usual. What if we could do that? Scientists are using the salamander as a blueprint for human genome research to reveal how to regenerate human limbs. See more »

  • How Frogs Work

    How Frogs Work

    Frogs have been around for about 200 million years. In that time, they've adapted to their changing surroundings to ensure their survival. How have they changed, and what's the difference between frogs and toads, anyway? See more »

  • Amphibian


    Amphibian, one of a large class of cold-blooded vertebrates (animals with backbones). They are fascinating creatures. Learn more about amphibians at HowStuffWorks. See more »

  • Axolotl


    Axolotl is a Mexican salamander that retains most of its larval characteristics, but which matures sexually and is able to reproduce. See more »

  • Frog


    Frog is a small tailless amphibian. Scientifically, there is no distinction between frogs and toads. See more »

  • Mud Puppy

    Mud Puppy

    Mud Puppy is a salamander that lives in lakes and rivers in the eastern United States. See more »

  • Newt


    Newt is a salamander found in or near freshwater in North America, Europe is asia is and North Africa. See more »

  • Salamander


    Salamander is a tailed amphibian. Salamanders are cold-blooded animals (their temperature changes with that of their surroundings). See more »

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