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10 Surprising Behaviors in Nonhuman Animals

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How Tardigrades Work

How Tardigrades Work

No, a tardigrade's not a type of time-traveling police box on 'Doctor Who.' It's an ancient water bear, of course! Learn more at HowStuffWorks.

Author's Note: 10 Surprising Behaviors in Nonhuman Animals

I guess it doesn't shock me that animals are capable of more sophisticated behaviors than eat-mate-sleep. But more than once writing this article, I gasped out loud when reading. To think that crows were actually recruited at one point to help find and identify Osama bin Laden [source: Chittim]? Or that elephants touch their tusks to the corpse of a comrade in what can be seen as a show of mourning? It's hard not to be surprised -- and occasionally straight-up impressed -- with the sophistication of our animal pals.

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