Carnivora, an order of flesh-eating mammals, most of which have powerful jaws with sharp teeth, and sharp claws. Most live on the ground, although some can climb trees. Some species are aquatic; their legs have been modified into flippers for swimming.

Families of the order Carnivora are usually arranged into two suborders, listed below. Some zoologists, however, consider the second suborder, Pinnipedia, to be a distinct order, separate from the Carnivora.

Owls and tigersOwls and tigers are carnivores.

A. Suborder Fissipedia:

  • Canidae (Dog Family).
  • Ursidae (Bear Family).
  • Procyonidae (Raccoon Family).
  • Mustelidae (Weasel Family).
  • Viverridae (Civet Family).
  • Hyaenidae (Hyena Family).
  • Felidae (Cat Family).

B. Suborder Pinnipedia:

  • Otariidae (Eared Seal Family).
  • Odobenidae (Walrus Family).
  • Phocidae (Earless Seal Family).

The order Carnivora is of the superorder Eutheria, subclass Theria, class Mammalia.