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Animal Facts

Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.

Top 5 Sustainable Fishing Practices

Do you love to fish but love the environment too? Check out these five tips for sustainable fishing!

How Aquaculture Works

Aquaculture provides food and replenishes other scarce resources. Learn how aquaculture works and how aquaculture industry supplies the goods we use. See more »

What is filter feeding?

Filter feeding is a type of aquatic feeding in which animals take in many small pieces of prey at once. See how this filter feeding system works. See more »

Why are moose more dangerous than bears in Alaska?

Most people are more afraid of bears in the wild than moose. But, in Alaska, you're more likely to be injured by a moose than a bear. Find out why. See more »

How Animal Domestication Works

Animal domestication happened long ago. Find out which animals were domesticated first and why animals were domesticated at all. See more »

Do animals have personalities?

Do animals have personalities? Pet owners would answer with a resounding yes. Find out how scientists would answer, "Do animals have personalities?" See more »

How Hibernation Works

Hibernation is a survival strategy designed to conserve energy when conditions are harsh. Learn all about hibernation, like how it affects the body. See more »

How Dog Shows Work

Many different breeds of dogs compete in dog shows. So how do dog show judges determine who wins prizes and points at a dog show? See more »

Why do groups like PETA oppose the Iditarod?

Iditarod protests are conducted each year by animal rights groups, such as PETA. Learn more about Iditarod protests and reasons for Iditarod protests. See more »

How Animal Migration Works

Animal migration is crucial to the survival of that particular species of animal. Learn about animal migration and why animal migration is important. See more »

What if an astronaut took his/her pet bird into space? Would it still be able to fly?

Birds in space would actually do quite well because their wings would help stabilize them as they float through space. Learn about birds in space. See more »