Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.

The Ultimate Audubon Society Quiz

Most people who are interested in environmental preservation will have heard of the National Audubon Society. Some may know that the society is not just for the birds. Take this quiz to learn more about the important work of the Audubon Society.

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  • Germicide


    Germicide is the substance or agent that kills microorganisms. A disinfectant is a type of germicide that kills germs that cause disease. See more »

  • Incubation


    Incubation refers to the act of providing proper physical conditions for the development of certain living organisms. See more »

  • Metazoa


    Metazoa is a term for all animals whose bodies are composed of more than one cell. See more »

  • Thorax


    The thorax is a division of certain animal bodies. It is the middle section of the body, situated between the head or neck and the abdomen. See more »

161-164 of 164
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