Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.

The Ultimate Are Zoos Good for Animals Quiz

There is a long-standing debate about whether zoos are good or bad for animals. Take this quiz to learn both sides of the issue.

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    Top 10 Famous Racehorses

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  • Top 10 Predators

    Top 10 Predators

    Check out the top 10 most feared predators of the animal kingdom. See more »

  • Top 10 Smartest Animals

    Top 10 Smartest Animals

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  • Top 10 Tree-Dwelling Animals

    Top 10 Tree-Dwelling Animals

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  • Top 5 Sustainable Fishing Practices

    Top 5 Sustainable Fishing Practices

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  • Tropical Forest

    Tropical Forest

    What is a tropical forest? Learn about tropical forests and the animals that occupy this habitat. See more »

  • Tundra


    What is tundra? Learn about the tundra and the animals that occupy this habitat. See more »

  • Ungulates


    The term "ungulates," in its most common meaning and in this article, refers to animals with hooves, coverings of horn that protect the toes. See more »

  • Wildlife


    The term wildlife refers to undomesticated animals, especially mammals, birds, and fish, that are found naturally in a given area. See more »

  • Germicide


    Germicide is the substance or agent that kills microorganisms. A disinfectant is a type of germicide that kills germs that cause disease. See more »

161-170 of 173
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