Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.

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  • Can piranhas really strip a cow to the bone in under a minute?

    Can piranhas really strip a cow to the bone in under a minute?

    Ever since Teddy Roosevelt witnessed a piranha feeding frenzy, the fish have been known as fearsome predators. But can they really strip a cow to the bone? See more »

  • Do all creatures sleep?

    Do all creatures sleep?

    Sleep might seem pretty simple, but scientists are still scratching their heads over questions surrounding the slumbering state. What does sleep mean to a whale, a brown bat, a migratory bird or even an invertebrate? See more »

  • Do animals commit suicide?

    Do animals commit suicide?

    Distressed birds will peck out their feathers until they expose their flesh to infection. Whales will die stranded on beaches for no obvious reason. But do animals willingly end their own lives? See more »

  • Do animals have emotions?

    Do animals have emotions?

    Your kitten's strange faces and chirps might seem perfectly intelligible, but how much meaning can you really read into them? Can animals display happiness, sadness, empathy or fear? See more »

  • Do animals have personalities?

    Do animals have personalities?

    Well, duh. Of course animals have personalities, right? Find out how scientists are proving what pets owners have always suspected: animals -- both pets and wild animals -- possess personality. See more »

  • Do coyotes and badgers work together to find food?

    Do coyotes and badgers work together to find food?

    Coyotes and badgers? This unlikely partnership is actually a surefire thing when it comes to catching a tasty dinner. See more »

  • How Animal Camouflage Works

    How Animal Camouflage Works

    What do tropical lizards and polar bears have in common? Camouflage - the ability to adapt their appearance to their environment. Learn how camouflage works, how it helps animals survive and what different types of camouflage look like. See more »

  • How Animal Detectives Work

    How Animal Detectives Work

    The next "CSI" spin-off may not take place at a zoo or wildlife preserve, but there are real-life detectives working to solve cases of the furry, feathered variety. See more »

  • How Animal Domestication Works

    How Animal Domestication Works

    Domesticated animals provide us with innumerable products, hours of labor and even loving companionship. Find out why the dog was so easily domesticated and why you'll never see someone riding a zebra. See more »

  • How Animal Migration Works

    How Animal Migration Works

    Caribou travel 2,000 miles over arctic tundra in order to migrate. The annual migration of monarch butterflies lasts longer than a typical monarch's lifespan. What makes these animals so determined to move? See more »

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