Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.

Mammal Talk

Why do animals have popup ears? Learn what pop up ears are and what they do.

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  • How Animal Camouflage Works

    How Animal Camouflage Works

    What do tropical lizards and polar bears have in common? Camouflage - the ability to adapt their appearance to their environment. Learn how camouflage works, how it helps animals survive and what different types of camouflage look like. See more »

  • How Animal Detectives Work

    How Animal Detectives Work

    The next "CSI" spin-off may not take place at a zoo or wildlife preserve, but there are real-life detectives working to solve cases of the furry, feathered variety. See more »

  • How Animal Domestication Works

    How Animal Domestication Works

    Domesticated animals provide us with innumerable products, hours of labor and even loving companionship. Find out why the dog was so easily domesticated and why you'll never see someone riding a zebra. See more »

  • How Animal Migration Works

    How Animal Migration Works

    Caribou travel 2,000 miles over arctic tundra in order to migrate. The annual migration of monarch butterflies lasts longer than a typical monarch's lifespan. What makes these animals so determined to move? See more »

  • How Aquaculture Works

    How Aquaculture Works

    Where do we get all the fish and other seafood that we eat? How do fish farmers keep up with the heavy demand? See more »

  • How Bioluminescence Works

    How Bioluminescence Works

    While humans try to create a variety of different types of light, some animals make their own. Find out what bioluminescence is and how these animals create light. See more »

  • How do animals communicate?

    How do animals communicate?

    All animals might not be able to speak, but they certainly have other ways of communicating. How do animals pass on information to their own species, and how do they pick up cues from other members of the animal kingdom? See more »

  • How do fish rise and sink in the water?

    How do fish rise and sink in the water?

    Fish have the ability to move in any direction in the water. In fact, they have the ability to rise and sink while swimming through the water. What allows a fish to rise and sink? Find out the answer to this question in this article. See more »

  • How Dog Shows Work

    How Dog Shows Work

    The droopy-faced bloodhound. The prancing poodle. The small Maltese you could easily mistake for a mop. How can these impossibly different dogs compete for the same prize? See more »

  • How Earthworms Work

    How Earthworms Work

    You'd think that earthworms are good for fish bait and little else, but that isn't the case at all. Earthworms are the engines that help local ecosystems run. They aerate soil, help facilitate plant composition and so much more. See more »

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