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Amazon Claws: The Silky Anteater
Meet a tiny, timid member of the claw family, the silky anteater. Despite his size, this little creature can devour as many as 5,000 ants or termites in an hour. Meet the silky anteater in this Animal Planet video.
Fooled by Nature: Echidna
On Animal Planet's series "Fooled by Nature," the echidna is an unusual mammal that has a long, barbed tongue that is used to eat worms. This nocturnal animal is only found in New Guinea.
Weird Creatures: Anteaters
Nick Bakers goes on a search for a Tamandua anteater, and it is a beautiful find.
What's To Love: Giant Anteater
On Animal Planet's "What's to Love?" we learn about the giant anteater, an animal that can eat 30,000 ants in one day. Its long snout and two-foot long tongue is perfect for getting into logs.