Harvestman, or Daddy Longlegs, a small eight-legged animal related to the spiders. It lives in temperate and tropical regions. There are over 3,200 species, 200 of which are native to the United States. Unlike a spider, a harvestman has long, stiltlike legs and a segmented abdomen, and lacks silk glands. The legs each have seven joints, making them highly flexible and allowing the animal to run rapidly over leaves and grass.

The daddy longlegsThe daddy longlegs is a slender arachnid with long legs.

Harvestmen feed on small insects, decayed animal matter, and the juices of fruits and vegetables. A pair of glands in the carapace secrete an unpleasant-smelling substance that deters predators. The female has an ovipositor, a specialized tubular organ that is extended from the abdomen to deposit eggs in damp soil.

What Looks Like a Spider but Isnt?

You may also know harvestmen by their nickname—daddy longlegs. These arachnids look like spiders, but they arent spiders. In fact, they are different from spiders in many ways.

Unlike spiders, harvestmen do not spin silk. And they do not have venom glands or fangs. A harvestmans body seems to have only one large body part. Thats because a harvestman doesnt have a tiny spider waist.

Harvestmen have tiny mouthparts that allow them to grind up their food. They eat insects and plants. Harvestmen do not bite, so they are harmless to people. Some can, however, give off a bad odor if they are disturbed.

Harvestmen belong to the order Opiliones of the class Arachnida.