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Animals of the Nile

From the Archives of Discovery: The Nile River is home to a huge variety of animals. Learn more about the Nile in this video.

From the Archives of Discovery: The Nile River is home to a huge variety of animals. Learn more about the Nile in this video.

Animals of the Nile

If ducks can fly, then why can't they stand through the wind in this viral video? James Williams gets an explanation.

Animals: Ducks Blown Off Their Feet Explained

This pet bird has a fondness for singing, barking, clucking and biting.

Bad Dog!: Chico the Biting Bird

The Cinereous Vulture is the largest vulture in Europe and Asia. It has a wingspan of up to 10 feet. Learn more about the Cinereous Vulture on Animal Planet's "Caught in the Moment."

Caught in the Moment: Cinereous Vulture

Tristan Bayer and Vanessa Garnick from Animal Planet's "Caught in the Moment," visit an island outside of Madagascar. While on the island they film the red-tailed tropicbird.

Caught in the Moment: Red Tailed Tropicbird

Can scientists flip a genetic switch and turn a bird into a dinosaur? Not quite yet, but not it's so far off either. James Williams gets the story from paleontologist Jack Horner.

Dinos: The Futurist: Retro-Engineering Dinos

See why scientists view the Archaeopteryx as the first bird. The fossil discovered links dinosaurs with birds. Learn more about the Archaeopteryx on The Science Channel's "Dinosaur Feather Mystery."

Dinosaur Feather Mystery: Archaeopteryx the First Bird

Mike Rowe learns firsthand how grueling it is to cut out even a 5-inch-deep section -- featuring ancient bird tracks -- from a 4-ton boulder.

Dirty Jobs: Chip Off the Block

See dog. See dog run toward seagulls. See seagulls fly away. Mission accomplished.

Dirty Jobs: Dumpy Seagulls

Pellets of owl vomit are often used for school projects. Join "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe as he travels to meet the world's premier owl pellet collector.

Dirty Jobs: Owl Vomit

Discovery News' Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out what it's like to study penguins in Antarctica and how to survive the cold.

Discovery News: Cool Jobs: Antarctic Penguin Researcher

Turkeys are more than just Thanksgiving dinner. James Williams shares five reasons they're our new favorite bird. Learn more about turkeys in this clip from Discovery News.

Discovery News: Our Top 5 Favorite Things About Turkeys

Imagine getting one flu shot to last a lifetime.  The universal vaccine would protect against strains of flu that haven\'t happened yet and even against bird flu. Researchers are getting closer to making that happen.

Flu Vaccines Can Last a Lifetime

Get a close-up look at a hawk's nest in this video segment from the archives of Discovery.

Hawk Nest

In this Animal Planet video, watch a baboon pounce into the river for its dinner.

Killer Clips: Baboon vs Bird

In this Animal Planet clip, a snake makes short work of a bird.

Killer Clips: Snake vs Bird

When trying to survive in the cold of Iceland, Bear Grylls catches a ptarmigan bird. Bear Grylls shows how to set a trap for it and prepare it in this video from Discovery Channel's "Man vs. Wild".

Man vs Wild: Eating Ptarmigan

In this clip from the archives of Discovery, get a closer look at the majestic golden eagle.

Meet the Golden Eagle

The featherless need love too. Meet Oscar a very naked cockatoo, in this video from Animal Planet's "Most Outrageous."

Most Outrageous: Naked Cockatoo

Penguins sit on a 300-foot, nearly vertical rockface that divides them and food for their offspring.

Mutant Planet: An Evolutionary Joke

In dense forest on New Zealand's south island, there is proof that the entire area was once completely submerged in water.

Mutant Planet: Ancient Evidence

The Kiwi is a strange-looking creature, found only in New Zealand. Every aspect of this funny little bird suggests that the Kiwi is an evolutionary oddity.

Mutant Planet: The Kiwi

Most snails are vegetarians. But this particular snail is an unlikely predator. Plus, see a lizard with a literal third eye - an evolutionary trait thought to predate the dinosaurs.

Mutant Planet: Unlikely Predator And 3rd Eye Lizard

Kari, Grant and Tory address, among other things, the challenge of balancing a car, Rochambeau, scary hawks, gagging, bird health plans and best off-camera pranks.

MythBusters: Bird Balance Aftershow

We know that chicken carcasses are used to test the durability of airplane windshields. But does it matter if the chicken is frozen? See what the MythBusters initially found in 2004.

MythBusters: Chicken Gun MiniMyth

Kari, Grant and Tory see if the heat generated from a TV satellite van can be used to cook a turkey.

MythBusters: Electromagnetic Turkey

Tory Belleci cooks up his own version of a holiday turkey...MythBusters style.

MythBusters: Exploding Turkey

Ever wonder why birds fly in V-formation? Kari and Tory get the scientific scoop from Institute of Bird Populations biologist Peter Pyle.

MythBusters: Riding the Vortex

Witness Kari Byron create Zombie Dog, part of her test to see if falling turkeys are harmful to small pets.

MythBusters: Zombie Dog

On the Discovery Channel series, "Natural Born Winners," we learn about the ostrich, a bird that has remarkable speed on only two legs.

Natural Born Winners: Ostrich

Sonya, the pet psychic, meets with Spike (or Lady Hawk) -- a former bird celebrity who was exhibiting weird bird behavior. Watch this video from Animal Planet.

Pet Psychic: Spike the Celeb Bird

Watch as the "Raw Nature" crew takes some big risks in order to get an up-close look at an Andean condor. Learn more about condors in this video from Animal Planet.

Raw Nature: Condors

Get a birds-eye view of an aerial dogfight between an eagle and a buzzard.

Spy On The Wild: Aerial Dogfight

Learn about the amazing bird-mounted technology that allows researchers to spy on the wild.

Spy On The Wild: Tiny TV Camera

Mike Tyson says that the first thing he ever loved in his life was a pigeon. So, when a neighborhood bully killed one of his beloved creatures and threw it in his face, Mike Tyson threw his first punch.

Taking on Tyson: Episode 1

Mike Tyson takes a stroll around his old neighborhood and reflects upon his troubled childhood.

Taking on Tyson: Neighborhood Blues

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