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Dark-Eyed Junco

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Dark-Eyed Junco
Dark-Eyed Junco
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Bird Spotting: This medium-sized sparrow can vary in color, but is generally slate gray with a white belly and, of course, dark eyes. White along the sides of the tail can be seen when the bird is in flight. Some birds have buff flanks.

Habitat: The dark-eyed junco makes its home in coniferous forests. Juncos like winter and can be found in all but the most northern areas of the United States.

Nesting: The dark-eyed junco's well-concealed nest made of grass, moss and bark holds three to six brown, spotted, pale green or blue eggs. Nests are typically found on or near the ground in vegetation or in a bank on the forest floor.

Bird Bite: Until recently the five variations of this bird were considered separate species, but since they interbreed wherever ranges overlap, they are now considered one species.