Kingbird, or Bee Martin, a pugnacious bird noted for its attacks on hawks, crows. and other birds that invade its domain. It attacks from above and behind, pecking the intruder's back. With its short wings, it can turn much more quickly than the larger birds, giving it the advantage in a fight. The kingbird feeds chiefly on insects, including bees.

The eastern kingbird grows nine inches (23 cm) long. It is gray above and white below, with a white band across the end of its tail. The bird breeds east of the Rockies from southern Canada to the Gulf, and winters from the southern United States to Peru.

The eastern kingbirdThe eastern kingbird is gray above and white below, with a white band across its tail.

The Arkansas, or western, kingbird also grows nine inches long. It is pale gray above and yellowish below, with a black tail edged with white on the sides. It breeds chiefly on the Great Plains of the United States and Canada, and winters in Mexico and Nicaragua.

The eastern kingbird is Tyrannus tyrannus; Arkansas, T. verticalis. Kingbirds belong to the tyrant flycatcher family, Tyrannidae.