Limpkin, or Courlan, a marsh bird native to Georgia and Florida and southward to South America. The limpkin grows up to 28 inches (71 cm) long, including its 4 ½-inch (11-cm) bill. Its plumage is olive-brown streaked with white. It has long, slender legs that hang downward in flight. Because of its wailing cry, eeow, the limpkin is also known as the crying bird. The name limpkin refers to the bird's halting walk.

The limpkin frequents marshes, where it feeds on frogs and other aquatic animals, particularly the apple snail. Four to eight eggs, which are light-brown blotched with brown and gray, are laid in a nest built in a shrub. The limpkin's young are able to swim when they emerge from the egg, and leave the nest the day they hatch.

The limpkin is Aramus guarauna of the family Aramidae.