Lyrebird, a shy bird of open woodlands in Australia. The lyrebird grows about as large as a chicken, and is reddish brown in color. In the male the outer tail feathers, when partially spread, form the traditional shape of a lyre. The inner feathers are lacy. The tail is shed in autumn and renewed in spring. A single brown-blotched, purplish egg is laid in a dome-shaped nest made on the ground. The lyrebird is the largest and most primitive of the perching birds. It is a good runner but a poor flyer. Two species are known.

The distinctive tail of the male lyrebirdThe distinctive tail of the male lyrebird reaches its full size when the bird is 7 or 8 years old.

The lyrebird genus is Menura of the lyrebird family, Menuridae.

The lyrebirdThe lyrebird is reddish brown in color and the size of a chicken.