Quetzal, or Quesal, the common name of a genus of attractive birds native to Central America and Mexico. Quetzals play an important part in the mythology of the Maya, Quiché, Toltec, and Nahuatl tribes of Mexico and Guatemala. The male's tail feathers were the emblem of Quetzalcoatl, the Toltec nature god, for whom these birds were named. Guatemala's unit of currency is called the quetzal.

The male resplendent quetzal is bright metallic green from head to chest, and has a brilliant red abdomen. The tail is black with broad white areas. The upper tail feathers (coverts) are green, forming a train sometimes 3 1/2 feet (1 m) or more in length. The female is brown and gray. Resplendent quetzals are an endangered species because of destruction of their habitat.

Quetzals belong to the genus Pharomacrus of the trogon family, Trogonidae. The resplendent quetzal is Pharomacrus mocinno.

The resplendent quetzalThe resplendent quetzal is metallic green with a brilliant red abdomen.