Sand Grouse, the common name for a family of birds found in Africa, Asia, and Europe. There are 2 genera and 16 species. One genus consists of two species, found in arid or semiarid regions of Asia. The other genus has 14 species, found throughout Africa except in forested areas. Some of the African species are also found in Asia and Europe. Some species of sand grouse are hunted as game.

Sand grouse are about the size of small pigeons. They have short, feathered legs and are sandy brown in color. They feed mainly on seeds. The female lays two or three gray or yellow eggs on bare ground. Sand grouse are gregarious birds, gathering in large flocks at watering holes.

Sand grouse belong to the family Pteroclidae. The Asian species make up the genus Syrrhaptes; the African species the genus Pterocles.