Tailorbird, a warbler found in southeastern Asia from India to the Philippines and southward throughout the East Indies. There are nine species. Tailorbirds are about 4 inches (11 cm) in length. They are yellow-orange above and gray-white below. The tailor-bird is named for its unusual nest-building technique.

The tailorbirdThe tailorbird is a warbler that uses its long bill as a needle.

To make its nest, a tailorbird takes a large growing leaf (or two or more small ones) and with its sharp bill pierces holes into opposite edges. It then grasps spider silk, silk from cocoons, or plant fibers with its bill, pulls this “thread” through the two holes, and knots it to prevent it from pulling through. This process is repeated several times until the leaf or leaves form a pouch. The bird lines the nest with plant material. The female lays three to six eggs.

Tailorbirds belong to the family Sylviidae and the genus Orthomus. A common species, the long-tailed tailorbird, is O. sutorius.