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BLUE-SIDED TREE FROG (Agalychnis annae)

        Animals | Endangered Species

BLUE-SIDED TREE FROG (Agalychnis annae)
BLUE-SIDED TREE FROG (Agalychnis annae)

Description: The blue-sided tree frog has golden eyes, a green-blue back, blue sides and a pinkish underbelly. It has long slender limbs and suction toes that enable it to jump easily from branch to branch within the forest canopy. It is found in the moist tropical and subtropical regions of Costa Rica but its numbers are in rapid decline due to pollution, loss of habitat and collection by humans.

IUCN Status: Endangered

Major Threats: Pollution, loss of habitat and collection by humans

Habitat: Premontane moist and wet forests, as well as rain forests

Location: Costa Rica

Diet: A variety of arthropods

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