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HAWAIIAN CROW (Corvus hawaiiensis)

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HAWAIIAN CROW (Corvus hawaiiensis)
HAWAIIAN CROW (Corvus hawaiiensis)

Description: The Hawaiian crow is a dark bird with a heavy black beak. It looks much like its continental cousins but with markedly duller plumage. Sadly, the Hawaiian crow has gone extinct in the wild. The main factor leading to its extinction was habitat loss, mainly due to logging and agricultural operations. There are efforts currently underway to re-establish wild populations of the Hawaiian crow using individuals from captive breeding programs.

IUCN Status: Extinct in the Wild

USFWS Status: Endangered

Major Threat: Habitat loss due to logging and agricultural operations

Habitat: Wet 'ohi'a-koa forest, scrub and rangelands

Location: Kona Forest Unit of Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge on the island of Hawai'i

Diet: Carrion, eggs, nestlings, other small creatures and fruits

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