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Other Extinct Animals

Some extinct animals are neither dinosaur nor mammal. Learn about trilobites and other extinct life in this section.

This Mammalian Ancestor Was Also Earth's Earliest Venomous Vertebrate

When we think venom, we think cobras and vipers. But Euchambersia was a reptile, a mammalian ancestor, and venomous, according to new fossil analysis. See more »

'E.T.' For Real? Newly Discovered 100 Million-year-old Insect Looks Like Alien

This insect's appearance and characteristics are so unusual, it has received its own scientific order. See more »

World's Last Woolly Mammoths Were Killed by Thirst, Not Humans

A small island off the coast of Alaska supported a mammoth population until sea levels rose and fresh water sources shrank. See more »

Just What Was the Tully Monster? New Science Finally Explains the Enigma

The mysterious aquatic creature lived 300 million years ago, and its fossils have stymied scientists for more than 50 years. New research solves some of the mystery. See more »

Dodo Birds: Maybe Not Complete Dummies After All

Centuries later, the flightless bird is finally getting some cred. See more »

How the Quagga, an Extinct Zebra Sub-species, Is Being Revived

More than 100 years after the last quagga died, scientists in South Africa are using selective breeding to bring it back. See more »

Is the Mexican grizzly bear extinct?

Grizzly bears are usually associated with colder climates, so you might be surprised to learn that they've also called Mexico home. See more »

Should we bring extinct species back to life?

The basic idea of "Jurassic Park" — minus the carnage — is both appealing and approaching reality. But reintroducing extinct species requires some careful consideration. See more »

How did passenger pigeons become extinct?

Centuries ago, people didn't just sit on park benches and feed pigeons bread -- they ate the birds, too. Needless to say, passenger pigeons did not respond well to humans' voracious appetite. See more »

How were tarpans different from domestic horses?

A mysterious wild horse called the tarpan eluded hunters for centuries until succumbing to extinction. What made it special? See more »