Paddlefish, or Spoonbill, a freshwater fish related to the sturgeon. The American paddlefish is found in the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River and its tributaries. The only other member of the family inhabits Chinese rivers. The paddlefish has a soft, scaleless skin. Its fins resemble a shark's, and its snout terminates in a long, flat structure resembling a paddle. Its flesh, though coarse, is used as food and its roe as caviar. The American paddlefish may attain a length of six feet (1.8 m) and a weight of 165 pounds (75 kg); the Chinese species is twice as long.

The paddlefishThe paddlefish is a freshwater fish related to the sturgeon.

Paddlefish make up the family Polyodontidae. The American paddlefish is Polyodon spathula; the Chinese, Psephurus gladius.