Pompano, an important marine food fish of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North and South America. The true pompanos are related to the jacks and scads. Various species of pompanos range in length from about one to three feet (30 to 90 cm). They have deep, slender bodies.

The common pompano is about 18 inches (45 cm) long and weighs about two pounds (900 g). It is lustrous blue above, with silvery sides, and is found along the Atlantic coast from Cape Cod to Brazil. The great pompano, or permit, found chiefly off the coast of Florida, may weigh more than 50 pounds (23 kg).

A butterfish found along the coast from California to British Columbia is often called the Pacific pompano.

True pompanos belong to the family Carangidae. The common pompano is Trachinotus carolinus; the great pompano, T. falcatus. The Pacific pompano is Palometa simillina of the family Stromateidae.

The pompanoThe pompano weighs about two pounds and is lustrous blue above, with silvery sides.