Codling (or Codlin) Moth, a small moth. Its larva, or caterpillar, is a destructive orchard pest known as the apple worm. It attacks pears and other fruits as well as apples. The adult moth has finely mottled gray front wings. The end of each forewing is marked by a brownish spot crossed by small, irregular golden bands.

Codling mothsCodling moths have finely mottled gray wings. Its caterpillar is known as the apple worm.

The insect passes the winter in a cocoon. The moth emerges in late spring and lays its eggs on blossoms, twigs, and leaves in the orchards, just as the petals are about to fall. After hatching, the caterpillars begin to burrow into the developing fruit. They live at the core of the fruit, causing it to wither and fall from the tree. When full grown, they eat their way out of the fruit. Then they spin cocoons in some sheltered place and remain dormant over the winter. One means of combating the codling moth is to spray the trees with a pesticide when the petals fall.

The codling moth is Carpocapsa pomonella of the family Olethreutidae.