Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo/iStock


Hummingbirds rule. Anyone who says different better change their tune. How can you not like crazy little birds that hover, eat nectar and go into torpor? You can adopt a hummingbird. If your not a hummingbird fan, you can adopt a bald eagle, a monk seal or a bison. You can even adopt a beluga whale.

You can't physically adopt these animals, but you can adopt some responsibility for them. Defenders of the Wildlife is a science-based organization that works to protect American animals and their habitats. One of the ways that they raise money for the protection of these animals and their habitats is by finding benefactors for the individual animals.

When you donate money to the Defenders of the Wildlife, you can opt to adopt an animal. You will receive a personalized certificate of adoption containing all the information about the animal or animals that you've adopted. The best part is that there is no mess. You can adopt a wolf and an otter and not have to worry about the one trying to eat the other. You don't have to worry about the otter chewing up your clothes either.

Times are tough right now for us humans, but times are just as tough for animals. And as people lose their jobs and settle for pay cuts, the animals are going to have less funds to protect them. Why not go in with a friend and adopt an animal together?