Aye-aye, ', a lemur-like primate found only on Madagascar. It is up to 40 inches (1 m) long, including a 24-inch (60-cm) tail. It has a round head, large eyes and ears, prominent curved incisors, and a bushy tail. There are five clawed fingers on each hand; the middle one is longer than the others. The aye-aye has coarse brownish-black fur with yellowish-white spots on its face and throat. Its hands and feet are black.

The aye-aye inhabits forests. During the day it sleeps in a large nest, which is made of leaves and twigs, in a tree branch. At night it forages for food, particularly fruit and insect larvae. It uses its long third finger to extract the larvae from under tree bark.

The aye-aye is endangered due to loss of habitat. It is now found only in northeastern Madagascar.

The aye-aye is Danbentonia madagascariensis of the family Daubentoniidae.