Babirusa, a wild hog found in the forests of Celebes and nearby islands.

It is brownish gray with light underparts and whitish markings on the upper lips. The skin is rough and hairless and hangs in loose folds. The babirusa is about 25 inches (65 cm) tall at the shoulder and weighs up to 220 pounds (100 kg). The male has long upper tusks. These tusks, which are the upper canine teeth, grow vertically through the upper jaw, pierce the skin, and continue growing throughout life, sometimes forming a complete circle. The lower canine teeth also grow upward, and pass outside the upper jaw.

Babirusas live in herds. They eat vegetables and fallen fruit. They are good swimmers, and cross rivers and small lakes easily. Babirusas are hunted for their edible flesh.

The babirusa is Babyrousa babyrussa of the pig family, Suidae.