Cony, Coney, or Hyrax, a small, hoofed mammal of the Middle East and central Africa. Although it resembles a large guinea pig, it is related to the elephant. The cony is about 20 inches (50 cm) long, and has short ears and legs, a short tail, and sharp incisors. It is covered with coarse, brownish-gray fur. Specialized pads on the soles of the feet give the cony traction, allowing it to climb rocks and trees. The rock hyrax, a species of cony found in the Middle East, is sometimes kept as a pet. It lives in colonies of up to 40 individuals. The name cony is often used to refer to the pika, an unrelated North American mammal.

Conies belong to the family Procaviidae. The rock hyrax is Procavia capensis.