Dhole, a wild dog found in wooded areas of Asia, including India, Russia, China, and Korea. It is about five feet (1.5 m) long from nose to tail and weighs 30 to 45 pounds (14 to 20 kg). The dhole resembles a fox and has a yellowish-brown coat. Dholes hunt in packs of 5 to 15. Their prey includes deer, wild pigs, wild sheep, and hares. Dholes are an endangered species whose number has been reduced by destruction of their habitat.

Which Wild Dogs Whistle While They Work?

Dholes (DOHLZ) hunt in packs of 5 to 20 members. They are also called whistling hunters. When dholes hunt, they make howling whistles. Whistling helps the dholes keep in touch and work together to make the kill.

Dholes live in Asia. They have widely different habitats. Their homeland extends from the mountains of the Himalayas (hih muh LAY uhz) to the tropical forests of Malaysia (muh LAY zhuh).

What dholes eat depends on where they live. In Siberia, they hunt reindeer. In the mountains of Tibet, they kill wild sheep. In India, they often prey on deer.

Dholes gang up on their prey and run it down. A pack of dholes sometimes drives a leopard or a tiger away from its own kill.

The dhole is Cuon alpinus of the dog family, Canidae.