Dingo, or Warragal, a dog of Australia. It is both wild and domesticated. It is about two feet (60 cm) high at the shoulder and is up to four feet (120 cm) long, including a one-foot (30-cm) tail. The dingo usually is rusty red or tawny, with white paws and tail tip. The dingo does not bark but yelps and howls like a wolf. It is found on the open plains and in forests. It feeds mainly on small animals such as rabbits. Because wild dingoes occasionally attack domestic sheep and cattle, they are killed by ranchers.

The dingoThe dingo is rusty red or tawny with white paws and tail tip.
What Are Dingoes?

Dingoes are wild dogs of Australia. The ancestors of dingoes were domestic, or pet, dogs set free long ago. Dingoes are very shy animals. They seldom allow themselves to be seen. They can survive in all kinds of habitats—including deserts and rain forests.

Dingoes eat whatever is available, but they favor rabbits and wallabies. They also hunt rodents and lizards. When going after large prey, such as kangaroos, dingoes sometimes hunt in a pack.

Many Europeans who settled in Australia in the late 1700’s raised sheep. Dingoes already lived in the area. They killed the sheep. Ever since then, the dingoes themselves have been hunted and killed.

The dingo is Canis dingo of the family Canidae.