Fossa, a mammal related to the mongoose. It lives in the forested areas of the island of Madagascar. Resembling a small cougar, the fossa typically has thick, short, reddish-brown fur. The length of the fossa, excluding its tail, is generally 24 to 31 inches (61 to 77 cm); its tail is of similar length. Its shoulder height is approximately 15 inches (37 cm).

The fossa is a solitary, nocturnal animal. Although it eats mainly birds and small mammals, it also feeds on insects, amphibians, and reptiles. An agile climber, the fossa can pursue its prey through trees. Typically, two to four young are born after a gestation period of two to four months.

Human beings are the fossa's only predator. Because it is widely hunted and its habitat is being destroyed, the fossa's numbers are dwindling.

The fossa is Cryptoprocta ferox. It belongs to the subfamily Cryptoproctinae of the family Viverridae.