Ibex, a wild goat that lives in mountainous regions. Most biologists recognize three species—the common ibex, of Europe, central Asia, northeastern Africa, and the Middle East; the Walia ibex, of Ethiopia; and the Spanish ibex, of Spain. The Walia and Spanish ibexes are endangered, mainly due to indiscriminate hunting.

Ibexes are generally brownish-gray above and whitish beneath. They have ridged, backward-curving horns. Depending on the species, ibexes are 2 to 3 ½ feet (61 to 107 cm) tall at the shoulder and weigh 80 to 330 pounds (36 to 146 kg). Their horns are from 6 inches to 4 ½ feet (15 to 137 cm) long.

Ibexes belong to the family Bovidae. The common ibex is Capra ibex; the Walia ibex, C. walie; the Spanish ibex, C. pyrenaica.

The Pyrenean ibexThe Pyrenean ibex is a wild goat native to the mountains of Spain.