Karakul, or Caracul, an Asiatic breed of sheep. Pelts obtained from the lambs are used in fur coats and as trim for cloth coats. The karakul stores fat in its tail for use when food is scarce. The tail may weigh up to 50 pounds (23 kg).

The fine, lustrous, curly or wavy wool of the lambs is commonly black, but sometimes bluish-gray, tan, or brown. There are three kinds of lambskins used as furs. Broadtail, the most expensive, has a flat, wavy pattern resembling moiré silk, and comes from lambs born prematurely or from unborn lambs. Persian lamb (originally called Astrakhan), characterized by tightly curled, silky, lustrous fur, is obtained from lambs up to 10 days old. Karakul, coarser and less tightly curled than Persian lamb, is obtained from lambs up to two months old.