Potto, a small, woolly primate of the forests of west and central Africa and parts of east Africa. It is 12 to 14 inches (30 to 36 cm) long, including its two-inch (5-cm) tail. Its dense fur is yellowish brown. The large eyes are set far apart on its round head, and it has small ears. Like the related loris, the potto has only a stump for an index finger. Pottos are tree-dwellers, feeding by night on leaves, fruits, and insects. They are found in forests from Sierra Leone through Zaire, and in the mountains of Kenya.

A related animal, the angwantibo of Nigeria, is sometimes called the Calabar potto. It is about half the size of the common potto, and is reddish-brown.

Pottos belong to the family Lorisidae. The common potto is Perodicticus potto; the angwantibo, Arctocebus calabarensis.