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Save the whales. No, seriously. That last time you heard that was probably when you were taking your sweet time at the front of the line at the water fountain in fifth grade (or was that 'save some for the whales?' Guess I've blocked out my memories of that fateful year). Or sarcastically uttered in conjunction with a mention of either Greenpeace, tie-dye shirts, or a certain major motion picture about a young boy and an orca.

But I'm dead serious?the whales still need help, whether the phrase used to call for it has been rendered a cliché or not. Whaling and whale safety are still crucial international issues?just look at the Supreme Court's recent ruling against whale safety.

Fortunately, there are organizations out there who take the matter just as seriously now as they did before their undertaking became a punch line (and yes, one of them is Greenpeace)?and there are simple ways that you can pitch in and help, without leaving your computer.

1. Save the Whales is a non-profit organization dedicated to exactly what its namesake would have you think. Their informative website is loaded with whale related info, and you can adopt a whale or make a standard donation to the cause.

2. Greenpeace is informational as well, and predictably more focused on the activism side of the issue. You can find out about volunteer or work opportunities, read up on some of the latest whaling news, and play a cute little Save the Whales game. You can even register to send an origami whale to the Japanese Prime Minister, to try to get them to stop their whaling practices.

3. The International Fund for Animal Welfare is another respected resource for whaling information of every kind. This site probably features the most in-depth reporting on the current state of whales-you can read about safe whale-watching practices, whaling, and the status of whales' habitats worldwide.