Fairy Shrimp, a crustacean that inhabits woodland pools in the eastern United States. It is not a true shrimp but a phyllopod, a crustacean with flat, leaflike appendages on its thorax that are used for breathing and swimming. It swims on its back by moving these appendages in a series of wavelike motions.

The fairy shrimp reaches a length of about 1 inch (2.5 cm). Its body has 11 segments and is transparent with a whitish, bluish, greenish, or reddish cast. The male has a pair of sexual organs at the tip of each antenna. The female has a brood pouch on the side of her abdomen for carrying eggs. The eggs are deposited in pools of water in early spring. Fairy shrimp are used as bait by fishermen.

The fairy shrimp is Eubranchipus vernalis of the family Chirocephalidae.