Basset Hound
lazy bassett hound

If you've got a low-energy family, the bassett hound is the pooch for you.

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Let's face it; a dog can be a huge time commitment. Feeding, cleaning up poop, brushing, washing, exercising -- it can be like having a small child who will never figure out that drinking out of the toilet is a bad idea.

Sometimes, the best family dog is one that doesn't really do much. At the extreme end of the low-energy spectrum, we present the basset hound. With minimal activity to keep off the extra ounces, this dog has an energy level roughly equivalent to a potato. Though reasonably active in their youth, as basset hounds age, they're content to rest on the porch or in front of the fire. Over the years, this family dog becomes more like a much-loved piece of furniture than an active nuisance.