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5 Medium-sized Family Dogs

Beagles get along well with kids and other pets but they do love to stop and sniff.
Beagles get along well with kids and other pets but they do love to stop and sniff.

Charlie Brown's beagle, Snoopy, was an independent creature who often made his owner exclaim "Good Grief!" In reality, beagles make excellent family pets -- they are friendly, healthy and intelligent. Historically, beagles ran in packs, so they get along with other animals, and a beagle will befriend other household pets if trained and socialized properly. This dog is very relaxed and patient with kids, and can be a good childhood companion. Beagle puppies do require a lot of work, so if you already have young children, you might consider a more mature beagle.

Some things to think about with beagles -- this dog instinctively follows its nose. Regular exercise and daily walks help control this urge, but use a leash or have a fence when your beagle is outside just in case they sniff an interesting scent and want to trail in another direction.

Beagles are good family dogs because they enjoy being in the house, but don't take advantage of this. These dogs do best when left alone for no more than four or five hours at a time. If by itself for eight or more hours a day, a beagle may cause trouble or make noise. And while barking can be irritating, a beagle's baying will drive you batty. Like any loving, friendly animal, beagles do best with their people.

Give your beagle love, attention and a good dose of exercise, and it will be a family's lifelong friend.

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