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Cat Injury Treatments

No one wants to imagine their pet hurt, but learning about cat injury treatments can help you feel prepared. Check out information on cat injury treatments.

How to Treat a Cat That has an Abscess

Dealing with a cat with an abscess can be difficult since it's not always clear what's wrong. Symptoms to watch for include a foul-smelling discharge and lethargy. Learn to treat a cat with an abscess.

How to Treat an Unconscious Cat

If the cat is unconscious, it is important to check his or her vital signs. How a cat owner responds immediately makes a difference. Learn more. See more »

How to Give Your Cat CPR

Do you know how to give your cat CPR? Find out how to give your cat CPR in this article from HowStuffWorks. See more »

Home Remedies for Cats with Scrapes and Scratches

A cat with scrapes or scratches can run the risk of getting an infection. Learn some home remedies for cats with scrapes and scratches. See more »