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Dog Care

Knowing the basics of how dogs function as well as the basics of how to take care of a dog are important aspects to keeping you and your pooch happy and healthy.

Dogs Happy to Share Food With Friends

Think your dog would be willing to share his treats with other dogs? Studies show he probably would. See more »

Fido’s Getting Better Flu Shots

Scientists have developed two new vaccines for canine influenza that are far superior to those now available. See more »

What Do Dogs Prefer: Food or Praise?

What's it going be, Fido: kibbles or kudos? A new study tackled the question. See more »

For the Guinea Worm, Man's Best Friend Is the Warmest Hiding Place

Only seven cases of Guinea worm have occurred in humans so far in 2016. But hundreds of cases have appeared in dogs. What does this mean for guinea worm eradication? See more »

No Bull: Why Pet Stores Are Afraid of the Word 'Penis'

Pet stores provide scientific, anatomical names for dog chews, so why resort to euphemisms like "pizzle" and "bully stick"? Dogs have no shame — but we humans do. See more »

Persistent Stigma of 'Pit Bull' Label Hinders Dog Adoption

Regardless of what a dog's breed actually is, if it's labeled a "pit bull," its chances of adoption drop. Pity the poor pit pup. See more »

How Dog Flu Works

All dogs, regardless of breed or age, are susceptible to the flu. What do you need to know before you drop your pup off at doggie day care? See more »

Is a 'dog year' really seven years?

The old rule of thumb of seven dog years per human year typically makes dogs seem older than they really are. No fear, there's a formula to estimate your dog's age the right way! See more »

Do you need to take a pet greyhound on runs?

Thanks to your pet greyhound's superior speed, trying to keep up with them on a run would be an exercise in futility. Surprisingly, these dogs are lazier than you think! See more »

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

When it comes to dogs, age really is just a number. If you've got the patience, you surely can teach an old dog some new tricks. See more »