Shinya Sasaki/NEOVISION/Getty Images


Some people like to dress up their dogs. I try not to judge, but it's really hard. I mean, pets shouldn't wear clothes. They're not all fleshy and hairless like humans. They've got fur. It's like having clothes built into your DNA. That's probably the greenest thing ever. But if people are going to dress up their pets unnecessarily, then they should at least do it the eco-friendly way.

PawstoGo has a tank top for your dog made out of organic cotton. It has the words, "Bark for Green!" on it with a recycling symbol. In the center of the recycling symbol is a paw print. Uhm, I like the organic cotton angle. But I think people are going to miss the green statement. Because the larger statement, the statement that says, "Hey! I put my dog in human clothes" is going to overshadow the green statement. Also, dogs can't read. I know this is true. The dog isn't barking for green. The dog is barking at squirrels.

Reknitz has a line of dog sweaters, which are made in the USA from textiles made from materials grown without pesticides. These sweaters will look stylish on your dog--except, perhaps, to other dogs.

The Natural Pet Warehouse offers a lovely, fair trade-made pink sweater with a human-shaped skull on it for dogs. What kind of mixed signals are you sending? My dog is vicious towards people but is also misunderstood and sensitive. Other dogs will be like "Why do you have a human skull on your sweater. We know you don't eat humans. Look at how you are dressed. A human dressed you. Now I will bite you and your pink sweater!"

Q: How would dogs dress if they could dress themselves?

A: I think they would dress nautically, like sailors. What do you all think?

Dressing up your dog is awesome unless you are a dog. If your dog is into it, you have my blessing. Please, remember to dress and treat your dog in a way that is in sync with the planet.