General Pet Care

General pet care information can help you with the various mishaps, illnesses and behavior issues that can arise with any pet. Learn about general pet care.

How to Mount a Pony

You'd like to teach your child how to mount the pony. In this article you will learn how to mount a pony.

Why Are Pets Disappearing From Pet Stores?

Declining pet sales are affecting the pet store industry, as more pet lovers turn to pet adoption and rescue.

Do rabbits really love carrots?

What's up doc? Besides spawning a famous catchphrase, Bugs Bunny may also be behind the well-known bunny-carrot connection! Do rabbits really love carrots?

How do dogs' nutritional needs change as they age?

Just like humans, a dog's dietary needs change throughout life. What should you feed a puppy that you wouldn't feed an older dog?

10 Fruits and Veggies that Aid in Dogs' Nutrition

Don't think that dumping a bowl of dry kibble means your dog feeding chores are done. Dogs need fruits and vegetables too! We'll let you know which ones are best and why.

Are omega fatty acids important in dog food?

What in the world are omega fatty acids -- and should they be in your dog's food? Read on to learn more.

How important is protein in a dog's diet?

Rumors still float around about protein causing joint and liver problems in dogs. But is there any truth to them?

What ingredients are important in senior dog food?

So you're dog's considered a senior. What nutrients should you be sure he's getting in his dog food?

How to Keep Your Pet Off the Furniture

When you know how to keep your pet off the furniture, your sofas and chairs will be free of fur. Learn about how to keep your pet off the furniture in this article.

How to Train Your Ferret

Your life will be easier if you know how to train your ferret to use a litter box. Learn about how to train your ferret in this article.

How to Remove Ticks from Pets

If your pet keeps scratching and nipping at its fur, chances are it's time for you to learn how to remove ticks from pets. Read this article to learn how to remove ticks from pets.