How to Make Dog Toys

If you enjoy letting your creative juices flow and like recycling old household items, you can be creative and green by making simple, affordable dog toys at home [source: Kern]. Bring out some rope, fabric and worn-out tennis balls, and get to work on your homemade dog toys [source: Cincinnati dog pages].

  • Sweater toysCut a shape out of a piece of paper. This is your pattern. Pin the pattern onto your old sweater, and cut out two sweater shapes. Pin the sweater shapes together, and sew them up leaving one side open. Turn the sweater shape inside out, and fill it with pillow stuffing and squeaks for pets. Sew up the shape. Your dog now has a new squishy, squeaky toy [source: Kern].
  • Fleece braidsCut out some strips of different colored fleece. Knot the fleece together at one end and braid the strips together tightly. Knot the fleece at the other end. These braids can be washed and dried as needed, and just as easily replaced when they get too chewed and worn out [source: Permann].
  • Rope An old rope can be a great toy. Just tie some knots and loops for the simplest of fun toys for your dog.
  • Tennis ballsWorn out tennis balls can be recycled in numerous ways. Make a tossing toy by cutting two holes in the ball, threading a rope through, and tying a knot on both ends. This toy can be fetched or tugged. Alternatively you can soak an old tennis ball in broth to make a chew toy your dog will love.
  • Rubber hoseAny old rubber hose can be converted into a chew toy. Just cut it up into different lengths and tie a few knots in the hose [source: Cincinnati dog pages].

Always supervise your dog when it's playing with a toy [source: Kern]. Strings and buttons are easily torn and swallowed, so be aware of potential choking hazards when choosing your materials [source: Cincinnati dog pages].