Along with loyalty and companionship, dogs are great to have fun with. Taking your dog to the park to play fetch is a fantastic way to spend a sunny afternoon. While teaching your dog to fetch, you will also teach it how to behave during playtime and train it to be an obedient dog. Read the tips listed below and learn about how you can teach your dog to fetch.

  • Favorite Toy Trick A good object to use when teaching your dog how to fetch is its favorite toy. With your dog on a long leash, throw your dog's favorite toy a few feet (meters) away. Command it to fetch the toy and slowly pull it back on the leash to where you are. Command it to release the toy and give it a treat as a reward. Don't tug the toy out of your dog's mouth. It's important that the dog gives it to you willingly. After this happens a few times successfully, try it again without the leash. Remember to always reward your dog with treats and encouragement [source: Wolff].
  • Tasty Ball Method An effective way to teach your dog to fetch is to have your dog fetch a ball filled with treats. Make a slit in a regular golf ball, and fill the ball with your dog's favorite treats. Roll the ball past your dog. When your dog brings you the ball to retrieve the treats inside, give it one. Continue to do this, rolling the ball further away each time. Eventually toss the ball a good distance. By rewarding your dog with its favorite snack, you teach it what you expect when you throw a ball [source: Michigan Humane Society].

Remember some breeds of dogs are better at retrieving than others, so some dogs will learn to fetch more quickly. But by remaining patient and continuing to encourage your dog through positive feedback and treats, all dogs can learn to fetch [source: McConnell].