Having a pregnant cat around the house can be difficult for everyone. Knowing whether your cat is pregnant or not is difficult too. Even veterinarians can have trouble determining if your cat is carrying babies. You can look for these signs to tell if your cat is pregnant:

  • Is your cat a female? OK, I know, it sounds silly, but make sure the cat in question isn't a boy before you jump the gun and call him pregnant [source: O'Meara].
  • Check her nipples A pregnant cat's nipples will become more prominent. When this become noticeable depends on the size of the litter and how observant the owner is [source: caminoanimalclinic].
  • Feel her belly As your cat is nearing term, her stomach will enlarge and hang lower to the ground. Feel around her belly for swelling or small lumps. Don't press on the lumps, these are growing kittens [source: O'Meara]!
  • Check for weight gain After the fifth week of pregnancy, your cat will start to show signs of gaining weight. The weight will only be in the abdomen and not in the neck, legs or other areas [source: adelaidevet].
  • Have an x-ray done Your vet can determine if your cat is pregnant by x-raying her when you think your cat is about 40 days pregnant [source: Hillsborovet].