How to Treat a Cat That has Heatstroke

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Cats can suffer heatstroke faster than you might think. A pet owner really needs to be careful to not expose a cat to extreme heat. Heatstroke is caused by the inability of the body to maintain its normal temperature because of environmental heat. It is often caused by keeping a cat in a hot area without adequate ventilation.

Prompt treatment is urgent. A cat's body temperature can get as high as 107 degrees Farenheit or 41.5 degrees Celsius. If you don't cool down the cat, he or she can experience severe brain damage or death.

Some warning signs to look for is a cat who is excessively drooling, lacking coordination, and rapidly breathing. The top of the cat's head also will be hot to the touch. If your cat is experiencing heatstroke, use the following cat care tips:

Step 1: Remove the cat from the hot environment.

Step 2: Immerse the cat in a cold bath or continuously run a garden hose on its body. Continue either treatment for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3: Apply ice packs around the cat's head. Keep them there while transporting the cat to the veterinarian.

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