Look. If you own a pet, there is a good chance that your clothes are covered in your pet's hair. You could use one of those sticky anti-cat hair rollers to deal with the problem. Another way of handling the hairy situation is by making your clothes out of your pet's hair. That way, when you get pet hair on your clothes, it doesn?t matter cause it's all pet hair. Sound good?

Maybe you saw the article in the Huffington Post about the woman who appeared on Animal Planet and spun her cat's hair into handbags. The cats don't mind. In fact, the routine shavings are good for the cat.

Utilizing your pet's hair to make clothing, may seem a little bit odd, but it's a great way to get homegrown, green materials for a eco-friendly fur coat or sweater. Fur doesn?t have to be murder. It can be the result of a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. Domesticated animals and mankind have been helping each other out since the beginning. Why wouldn't we wear their fur? They sleep in our beds, eat the food we obtain for them and drink from our toilets. They owe us a bit more than love.

The cat-hair-to-hand-bag woman isn't the only person making clothes out of pet hair.

Pet Yarn Chic will spin your pet's hair into yarn for knitting.

You can buy a book about knitting with dog hair.

You can even learn how to gather pet hair, spin it into yarn and knit with it.

The finished products aren't that pretty, but they sure are functional and look quite warm. Pets usually seem warm if that's any indicator. If your animal is cold, you can always dress it like a person while you wear a coat made out of pet fur. That would be funny to me.