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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Entertained on a Long Car Trip

Talk to Your Pet
Talking to your dog doesn't make you "crazy dog guy."
Talking to your dog doesn't make you "crazy dog guy."

­While the idea of talking to your pet may sound a bit out of left field, both cats and dogs are responsive to their names and the sound of their master's voice. It's a comforting sound. Just think about when you're at home, chatting it up with your pet. The mere mention of y­our dog's name will most likely get its tail wagging. You can do the same thing on the road. Talking to your pet about where you're going and how much fun you'll have once you get there is a great way to pass time for both of you. When you talk to your dog, make sure to keep repeating its name, and if you have an embarrassing pet voice, then by all means, use it until you're hoarse.

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