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Just when you thought that every possible demographic had its own interactive online community, along comes another one that forces you to reassess the way you think about social media altogether. And I'm not talking about that social networking site for barbers. I'm talking about Planet Dog, an online shop and destination for, well, dogs.

Part online store, part philanthropic foundation, and part interactive community, the innovative pet design company Planet Dog has most of the canine-concerned bases covered. Sure, the site mostly exists to hock the company's goods, but when a company is as positively involved in their field as Planet Dog, we're happy to help them be—and if you're a fellow dog lover, you should log in and do so too.

The online shop where you can peruse the many dog goods, including collars, toys, biodegradable 'business bags' that'll help you green your pet's poop, and more. But there're also charming little interactive features that make use of photo uploading, YouTube videos, and a blog to help foster an online dog lover's community.

And Planet Dog gives a portion of all its proceeds to its accompanying Foundation, which donates to a variety of canine-related causes, from search and rescue dog programs to bomb sniffing and police dog training. It's a most worthy site to drop by for all your dog-related needs.

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