Pythons are destroying Florida. It sounds like the plot of a cheesy horror movie. But this is no horror story. This is real life. Pythons from Burma are destroying the fragile Floridian ecosystems by munching down anything they can find. These giant snakes will eat birds, raccoons, opossums and even five-foot alligators.

The ravenous pythons are natives of Burma. They are shipped to the States and sold as pets. Like human children, the python starts out all small and cute, but it soon grows into a large, hungry adult with a mind of its own. The python owner, fed up with the reclusive lifestyle that accompanies giant-snake ownership, may decide to be rid of the snake and set it loose into the wild. The snakes take advantage of their freedom by gobbling up all the other animals.

Anyone who owns an exotic pet should take a lesson from this. Don?t let your exotic pet loose into the wild. Some animals will die in the wild, but it?s even worse when they thrive and destroy the native ecosystems. If the pet becomes too large to or to dangerous to handle, you should call the Humane Society or see if you can return it to the pet store where you bought it from.

Check out this video with Dr. Sanjayan, the Lead Scientist for The Nature Conservancy as he talks with experts in Florida about the scope of this python problem and possible solutions.