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Ms Adventure: Deadly Dart Frogs
On Animal Planet's "Ms. Adventure," host Rachel Reenstra discovers a frog that is dressed to kill. Armed with brilliant colors, some species of the dart frog are among the most deadly creatures on Earth.
Fatal Attractions: Snake Handler Missing Fingers
When you handle over a thousand snakes a week you can't afford to make a single mistake. The only problem? Nobody is perfect.
Fatal Attractions: Snake Hoarder Is Bitten
When a young woman is rushed to the hospital she tells medics that she was bitten by a rare snake. When police search her house they find 23 reptiles, most of them deadly snakes.
Freak Encounters: Monster Spider
There have been reports of enormous spiders more than 5 feet across in the forests of the Congo and sands of Afghanistan. Are they real?
Fooled by Nature: Rattlesnake
The rattlesnake uses thermal imaging to help stalk its prey. Once the victim is bitten, the snake poisons and digests its prey. Learn more win this video from Animal Planet's "Fooled by Nature" series.
Fooled by Nature: Koala's Diet
On Animal Planet's series "Fooled by Nature," koala bears eat the poisonous leaves of the eucalyptus trees. Fortunately, from birth the cubs are conditioned to digest the leaves through a bacteria produced by eating their mother's dung.
River Monsters: The Silent Assassin
Jeremy Wade is in awe of the short-tailed river stingray, a gargantuan, muscular creature with a poisonous barb that can easily kill a man. He says it's one of the strangest fish there is.
E Vets: Interns: Dog Bitten by a Rattlesnake
In this clip from Animal Planet's "E-Vets Interns," a dog gets bitten by a rattlesnake. Watch how the veterinarians handle this situation.
Fooled by Nature: Spitting Cobra
When attacked, the spitting cobra can spit venom up to 8 feet in order to blind the enemy. Its venom is a neurotoxin which can produce pain and blindness. Learn more about spitting cobras on Animal Planet's "Fooled by Nature."
Lost Tapes: Death Worm
Mongolian legend speaks of a giant sand worm that spits venom and emits electricity from its body. Is the Death Worm myth or reality? Watch this video from Animal Planet's "Lost Tapes" and decide for yourself.
King Cobra and I: Cobras Lock Horns
Because king cobras are immune to each other's venom, competing males engage in an ancient ritual to settle territorial disputes. See the rare and amazing even in this Animal Planet video.
Freak Encounters: Mongolian Death Worm
Mongolian legend speaks of a giant sand worm that spits venom and emits electricity from its body. Is the Death Worm myth or reality?
Don't Be Dumb: Can You Immunize Yourself to Poison?
Don't try it yourself, but it is possible to immunize yourself to some kinds of poison. Be silent and listen to Josh as he describes how it works.
Gila Monster
From the archives of Discovery: Take a close look at the notorious Gila Monster, a poisonous lizard that can grow up to two feet long. Learn more about Gila monsters and lizards in this video.
What Are the Odds? Snakes
What are the odds you will survive a snakebite? Learn more about odds in this video.
Jeff Corwin Unleashed: King Cobra
On Discovery Kids' "Jeff Corwin Unleashed," Jeff comes face to face with a king cobra, which has enough venom in its bite to kill an elephant or 20 people.